Chip Kelly Hits Jackpot In Handling Of Blount

Robert DentonCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3:  LaGarrette Blount #9 of the Oregon Ducks is escorted off the field by head coach Chip Kelly after Blount punched defensive end Byron Hout  #94 (not in photo) of the Boise State Broncos after Boise State defeated Oregon 19-8 on September 3, 2009 at Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho. Blount was suspended for all remaining games on Friday September 4, 2009 following the loss to the 14th-ranked Broncos. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Most media types, whose primary ambitions are to make themselves the story, have absolutely no understanding of the sensitivity, with which a situation like Chip Kelly faced in his very first game as head coach at the University of Oregon must be handled.  To suggest he needed to use "kid's gloves" is a laughable understatement.  

LeGarrette Blount's mistake, or "the punch heard 'round the world," which is a ridiculous reference to begin with, was quickly scavenged upon by members of the media who screamed that Kelly, "only had ONE choice!"  These people are so incredibly undiscerning and myopic that the fact that they can even choose a good cup of coffee and find their way to work everyday is mind-boggling.  Because they have the benefit of not having to go to sleep knowing the decisions they make, which will prove wrong to one group or another no matter what they are, they can stand back and scream for answers... and with the confidence that comes with having hindsight as their guide, they can then scream that the answers were wrong!  Most, not all of these "reporters," should be added to the same list of euphemisms that are occupied by backseat drivers and Monday morning quarterbacks. 

However, in the face of all this scrutiny, Kelly made every decision like he was Biff Tannen with a time traveling Delorean and a sports almanac from 1985.  The best outcome was achieved at every single turn.  To thwart the self-righteous sports media, he announced that he was suspended for the year.  For the "everyone deserves a second chance" crowd, he allowed him to stay on scholarship.  For the benefit of all the NFL scouts, who needed to see his work ethic in the face of a tremendous amount of adversity, he allowed him to remain on the team and continue to practice.  For the benefit of his team, he taught them that no one is above the program.  For Blount himself, he gave him the greatest gift a man can ever receive, an opportunity to prove himself.  With foresight like this, I would like to personally invite Kelly on my next trip to Vegas, baby!

Now, in the most clear cut case of poetic-justice I've ever seen, the decisions Kelly made have been rewarded, not only with Oregon's first Rose Bowl appearance in 15 years, but also with a young man who has a future.  And, oh has also given Duck Nation a reason to believe that along with another young man, LaMichael James, who just so happened to take advantage of his own opportunity by becoming the all-time freshman Pac 10 rushing champion, they may very well be a month away from their first Rose Bowl victory since 1917.