Out of Bounds: Tiger Woods – He's Only Human on Planet Ill

Rahsaan HuntContributor IDecember 4, 2009

By no means are most of us, the Average Joe, experts in the lifestyles of today’s celebrities. We don’t have their money, adulation, or any form of social status that comes with the lifestyle that they lead.

We read the tabloids, and watch the news shows, but we have no idea of the pressures these celebrities go through to maintain their public image. Nor do we experience the temptations they face. Then again, they are human, so maybe we do experience the same obstacles, just not on as grand of a stage. Whatever the case, there are certain things in life that you know you should or should not do.

Over the weekend, one of the sports world’s and America’s favorite sweethearts was involved in a car accident. His name is Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, and this little fender bender of his will be the biggest test of his professional career and personal life.

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