Minnesota Vikings Turn to Vision Specialist Dr. Alan Reichow to See Future

John LewisSenior Writer IJune 17, 2008

Last season, the Minnesota Vikings hired Nike eye-care specialist Dr. Alan Reichow to find out why Troy Williamson was dropping so many passes during the season. What Reichow found was a lack of depth perception from the WR.

So instead of Williamson working on his foot speed, he began working on his eye strength, in an effort to keep passes from slipping through his fingers. The eye doctor even instructed the team to change the lighting in their practice facility in order to help the other WRs.

It's a bold move that may eventually pay off, but I guess the Vikes couldn't wait on Williamson any longer. They traded him to the Jacksonville Jaguars this past offseason. But don't worry; Vikings' head coach Brad Childress has brought Reichow in for this season as well.

Could this translate into more wins and a spot in the playoffs?

Right now, Minnesota is in a good position with or without the eye doctor. With the Packers looking to rebound from Brett Favre's retirement, the Chicago Bears playing musical quarterbacks, and the Detroit Lions looking like the worst team in NFL history, I'd say the Vikings should win the division hands down.

Now the eye doctor is working on the rest of the team for the 2008 season, as he's looking to improve not only their depth perception, but their hand-eye coordination, concentration, and balance.

This type of eye training isn't uncommon in the world of sports. 

For several years now, baseball players have been wearing special color contacts to be able to see the baseball better. Golfers have also been wearing a special green colored contact in order to improve their ability to see the fairways and read the greens.

While there are no actual tests to prove that any of this works, teams and players continue to seek out specialist in order to get a complete makeover.

Well, I guess it's true what they say...seeing really is believing.