Kobe Bryant: the Next Kobe Bryant

josh millarSenior Analyst IJune 17, 2008

If there’s one thing I hate about sports its comparisons in ability and this Kobe Jordan talk is no different.


When will Jordan be Jordan and Kobe be Kobe?


You cant compare eras, players change coaching tactics change, but if Kobe is to cement his own legacy it starts tonight in Game Six of the  NBA Finals.


After Game Four Kobe said of the Lakers collapse, “We wet the bed a  BIG one..."


The outcry by some was that Michael Jordan never would have said that. I don’t care what anybody thinks about Kobe’s comments post game, what we need to realize is that Kobe Bryant is NOT Michael Jordan, he IS Kobe Bryant!


Tonight Bryant will do what any great player does with his back against the wall: Rise to the occasionthat’s if in fact he is a great player. Yes that’s what I said.


Kobe hasn’t won an NBA title without Shaq by his side. Bottom line, great players make each other better. If this is true we will see breakout games from Derrek Fisher and Lamar Odom and Sasha Vujajic and we’ll see Kobe play an all around game.


Nobody’s ever back from 3-1 down in the NBA Finals and the 2-3-2 format makes it tougher.  They have both games in Boston on the road, but this is a challenge and great players love challenges right? If anybody can do it its Kobe Bryant.  If he does, Kobe can have his own legacy, like all truly great players


Will Kobe pass the test? That’s why they play the game!