BCS Bowl Predictions: LSU to Battle Oregon for Title

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BCS Bowl Predictions: LSU to Battle Oregon for Title

Icon Sports MediaWhile neither LSU nor Oregon will be ranked in the top two of the new AP poll today, don't discount the notion that these two powerhouse teams will battle for the BCS championship in January.

Ohio State and Boston College both face difficult schedules down the stretch. Conventional wisdom suggests each will lose at least once, if not twice.

Look for Virginia Tech to knock off BC Thursday, and Penn State to upset Ohio State. After the game, Joe Paterno may not know where he is, but his team will have the victory.

Let's take a look at how the BCS may shape up.


Rose Bowl: USC vs. Ohio StateIcon Sports Media

This game would generate a lot of hype out west, and even draw considerable attention across the country.

A one-loss Ohio State squad would face a tough test against the Trojans, especially since the game would be in the Trojan's backyard.

This match-up would give the Rose Bowl its coveted Pac-10 - Big 10 match-up.


Sugar Bowl: Kentucky vs. West Virginia

This will be an interesting game, mainly because Florida will just be coming off a tough loss to LSU in the SEC title game, allowing the Wildcats to slide into the BCS through the backdoor.

West Virginia will likely be ranked in the top 5. This game would hypothetically showcase not only one of the nation's best running backs, but two of the best QBs this season.

Andre Woodson may bring the Heisman trophy into this game.


IconFiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Ohio State

Oklahoma will face a stiff test from Missouri in the Big XII title game, but I give them a major edge in the coaching department.

The Sooners will advance to face Ohio State in what should be an entertaining game, highlighted by two of the best one-loss teams in the country.

Ohio State will have to stave off the disappointment of not playing for the national title.


Orange Bowl: Boston College vs. Missouri

I don't know if this is possible if Missouri loses in the conference title game, but I am guessing the Orange Bowl would take them over someone like Rutgers or South Florida.

While USF would draw fans, no one would be too excited about a BC-USF game.

The Big XII dynamic, coupled with a rabid Missouri fan base, should be enough to get the Tigers the bid. The game would also showcase two great QBs in Chase Daniel and Matt Ryan. Don't discount Missouri creeping into national title contention if they win out while other teams lose...Something to keep an eye on.


BCS National Title Game: LSU vs. OregonIcon

Fittingly, the two best conferences this season offer up their best, as the Ducks get a chance to beat the Tigers.

Oregon gets in on their SOS, which increases as they face the Trojans, Sun Devils, and Bruins.

LSU gets in by virtue of their SEC title, and Oregon represents the Pac-10 as their champion.

This would be a wildly entertaining game.

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