All-Time College Football Team: Tight End

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IJune 17, 2008

In the game of football, tight end is often the most overlooked position in terms of those who score touchdowns.

Certainly the quarterback and halfback get their credit.  Wide receivers are right up there with those two.  Even the fullback is remembered for all his goal-line heroics.

But the tight end, often considered to be just an addition to the offensive line, is sometimes forgotten, even when hauling in as many receptions at times as receivers.

When thinking of the tight end on the collegiate level, the same remains true.  The tight end is overlooked and underrated many times.  But they are a vital part of every team's success.

So I am here to ask the question: Who do you think the best tight end of all time is on the collegiate level?

John Mackey, a versatile player from Syracuse, helped to define the position of tight end during the early 1960s, even though he often played many spots on the field.  Since 2000 the best college tight end has received an award named after Mackey that recognizes his great talent and revolutionary style of play.

Both Kellen Winslow II, whom many recognize as one of the best recent tight end threats in college, and his father contributed greatly to the college game from the tight end position during their respective terms at Miami and Missouri.

Another tight end, who is often remembered more for his coaching career, was Mike Ditka.  He started all three years of his collegiate career, leading Pittsburgh in receiving each of those years.  In addition to playing tight end, he also punted for the Panthers, showing again the athleticism and versatility that many tight ends have.

And Ozzie Newsome just simply got it done at Alabama, averaging over 20 yards per reception during his collegiate career and being named the player of the decade for the 1970s.

In continuance of my series of articles on the All-Time College Football Team, I ask you to now cast your vote for the tight end you consider to be the best ever.