Show Them The Money

Greg FeinbergContributor IDecember 3, 2009

According to reports from multiple news outlets the Chicago Blackhawks are going to announce the signing of Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane, and Jonathon Toews today at a news conference planned for 2pm today.  Kane and Toews are expected to get sign a 5 year deals while, Keith is going to ink the long term cap friendly 13 year deal.

Making this deal now is the best thing the Hawks could do.  If any of these players dropped into the free-agent market the Hawks would have to match any offer, potentially costing the Blackhawks 2 of their best players.

Toews is a 21 year old centermen and captain whose play has really picked up since his return from the concussion in Vancouver.  Kane is another 21 year old whose stock is really rising in the past year among some questions last year about his energy, defense, and commitment.  While Kane, with his size, is never really going to be shut down at defense he has turned out to be fairly good.  Kane is an amazing stick handler with a real penchant for being able to place the puck into the tiniest holes, and out-skate most of his defenders.

Keith is one of Chicago's shut down defensemen, he has an active stick and finishes his checks.  Keith one of the major reasons that Chicago at last check is 5th in the NHL on the penalty Kill

The future for Blackhawks Hockey is bright.