NASCAR: Should Dale Earnhardt Jr. Have Been Penalized?

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer IJune 17, 2008

Got to keep movin’, never gonna slow down

The last time the Sprint Cup circus visited the Left Coast, the talk was mostly about what was wrong with springtime weather in California, weeping race tracks, multiple races at Auto Club Speedway of Fontana via Anaheim, and the sale of naming rights that create venue names too long to remember.

This time we can talk about road course specialists. Welcome back Boris Said. We can also discuss drivers who just can’t seem to get a handle on turning right as well as left. Matt Kenseth comes to mind.

Matt had a nice third place finish at MIS. He wasn’t happy with Dale Earnhardt Jr. getting away with passing the pace car as Junior coaxed more from a tank of gas than anyone this side of Smokey Yunick.

Kasey Kahne and Brian Vickers continued their strong early summer runs. Tony Stewart had a nice finish and gave away more cash to others in need—this time the flood victims in his Indiana hometown.

But enough of this drivel. It’s time to argue, Fast Lap style.

1. Should Junior have been penalized for repeatedly passing the pace car?

2. Did NASCAR’s closed door meeting with driverschastising them for excessive negative commentscontradict its earlier “say what’s on your mind” directive?

3. Is Joey Logano the real deal or just another over-hyped wannabe?

4. Would you give up one road course race to see the Cup Series race on a one-mile dirt track?

There ought to be something in those four corners that sticks in your craw. Let us know what you think and then come back later in the week and tell everyone else how wrong they are. I know I will. The best and brightest may become part of a future feature ON PIT ROW.

Photo Credit: Icon Sports Media, Inc.