Tiger Woods' Transgressions: How Much Do We Know About His Affairs?

Sven KlemencicCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2009

Tiger Woods' statement about his transgressions did do a lot of things—it alluded to the allegations and vaguely addressed them as true, was a charming riposte against the ugliness of modern media, and dispelled the rumor that Tiger's injuries were inflicted by his wife, Elin Nordegren.

But what it didn't do is give any indication of what his "transgressions" actually were.

He's already been criticized about his silence. But for many of us in the media, vagueness is worse than silence. Tiptoeing around the matter is only going to rouse our curiosity further.

What did he actually do ? What was the extent of his cheating? Now we're hearing about a third woman he was involved with—Kalika Moquin , a club owner to whom Woods was introduced through Rachel Uchitel. What was the nature of that affair? How did it go on without his wife knowing?

Without this information, our curiosity will only grow deeper.

What Woods fails to understand in admonishing us, his audience, for our curiosity is that it will not sate us. We want rumors, crave details, confessions, pictures of Rachel Uchitel, what Kalika Moquin looks like in a bikini—and with the internet, there's little stopping us from getting that information, least of all our own guilt.

Tell us what the transgressions are, and we promise we will let you go. Reveal to us the extent of your cheating, and we'll consider backing down.