Tiger Woods' Alleged Infidelities Include Turning Stone Trysts

Ryan Maloney@ImRyanMaloneyContributor IIMarch 30, 2017

Harry How/Getty Images

A few months ago, I received a call from an ex-girlfriend who told me she was asked to audition for Tiger Woods' trip to Turning Stone Resort in Verona, N.Y.

"Audition?" I asked. "He's coming here to golf. What would he need you for?"

The New York Daily News wrote the following in an article on Wednesday:

"Citing unnamed sources, Us reported that Woods had other 'dalliances' [...] with a blond and a brunette at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in upstate New York."

Oh, that's what he needed. 

To her credit, my ex did say that the whole deal sounded less than kosher and did not attend. I'm currently waiting on a phone call from her, so I can post a more detailed account of her story. Check TheVOTL.com throughout the day.