The Beauty of a College Football Saturday

Adam HelfgottCorrespondent IJune 16, 2008

It's maybe the greatest feeling ever. It's when anticipation meets excitement and it all boils out on one day of the week.

There is nothing in sports quite like a college football Saturday. The fans, the tailgates, the painted bodies, the student section, and band create some of the most exciting atmospheres in sports.

Here is my top list of reasons to why college football is the ultimate sport...

PLEASE post your experiences with college football and share them with me as to why college football is special to you.

1. The passion is created because it's YOUR school you cheer for.

Unlike professional sports, your rooting interested is created on where you go to or went to school.

In my case my father brought me up on Rutgers sports. Now that I go to RU I understand the pride he has rooting for RU football. You feel connected to the players and you want the best for your school.

There is no feeling like that in any other sport.

2. College football stadiums are electric because of students.

This is mainly true for elite programs or teams who sellout many home games.

There is nothing like a crazy student section. Those fans who get there early to the game, have their bodies painted, and who have chants about the other team to mess with their heads.

They are the ones who stand all game, rain or shine, and who rush the field with pride that their school is the best. Students make college football amazing and there is nothing like seeing a game live when the students are all rowdy.

3. Rivalries are like none other.

You hate them because you didn't go to their school.

You hate them because they're better than you.

You hate them because your family tells you to hate them.

Rivalries in college football are like none other. Yes the Red Sox/Yankees are fun to watch, but give me OSU/Mich, Tex/OK, Tenn/FL, WVU/Pitt, or UCLA/USC any day of the week.

When there are rivalry games you know the passion is at an all time high for players and fans. It's great to watch and it's what makes college football great.

Plus, have the NBA or NHL come up with names like the Red River Rivalry or the Backyard Brawl?

4. Tailgates are events on their own.

I've heard stories from Penn State of people arriving on a Friday and laying their couches out in the mud getting ready to tailgate.

It is amazing to see the alumni interacting with the student body. Food being given out, the band going around playing the fight song and sheer madness of thousands of fans getting ready to scream their lungs out.

The BBQ's are rolling, the drinks are flowing, and it is just an all day party.

5. Traditions that make the game great.

Dotting the I, touching Howard's rock, running through the smoke, coming out to Enter Sandman, the Scarlet Walk and the 12th Man are all examples of the unique traditions in college football.

These things help create the bonds between fans. You go to the games wanting be part of these traditions and you understand the importance of them to each school.

6. They have marching bands!

You can't have a college feel to a game without a marching band.

You want to hear that fight song or alma mater and the band is the one that brings it to the fans. They have their own wacky traditions and are crazier than the rest of the students.

7. You wait a whole week for one day.

It's your life. Whether you're a student or alum, it's your passion.

You talk about it at work or with your friends.

The win last Saturday means nothing if you don't get this next one. It is amazing how a doctor can go from the up-most professional to crazy fan in the seats in a few hours.

Die hard fans live for Saturday's, and their week is horrible if their team lost the week before.

8. It's the unexpected and the drama that keeps you on the edge of the seat.

It's those weekends from the past, where the game winning FG happened, where your team won the conference title, or where the students rushed the field after beating your rival.

It's those great moments that you keep coming back for more. You can't have enough those dramatic endings.

These are just a few of my feelings on why I love college football.

To me there is nothing better than a fall Saturday (or Thursday or Friday since there are games then also). It is crazy how a sporting activity turns into a whole days event.

Please share your feelings on why you love college football and what it means to you.