Praise From Caesar: WWE's Melina Called "Best in the World" By Bret Hart

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 1, 2009

During a recent interview, Bret Hart said that he feels Melina is, in many ways, the best in the world right now.  This has got to have Melina walking on air.

Melina is currently one of WWE's top featured Divas.  She has been a women's Champion and is one of WWE's tough enough alumni.  While she has been in many good matches, the WWE doesn't seem to have a whole lot for her.

Melina is easily one of the most athletic divas in WWE history.  Her agility, flexibilty and charisma make her the perfect package.  Bret Hart has said many times in the past that he does not watch all of WWE's programming, but for him to say something like this is great for Melina.

If WWE really wants to push the Divas division then they need more wrestlers and less supermodels.  TNA has women's wrestling down to a science right now, WWE, on the other hand, has bikini models train for six months and then become valets.

The system is clearly flawed and Melina is one of the few good women's wrestlers in the WWE, but she is clearly suffering from having no real competition.  If Melina had a program with Natalya then I could say with confidence that the matches would be great, but right now she is just stagnant in the WWE lineup.

I hope she has a great career, but a move to TNA would put her more in the spotlight.  I don't think it would happen due to her on again off agin relationship with John Morrison, but never say never in the wrestling biz.