Bill Bavasi Fired, Change Is in the Air for Seattle Mariners

Stuart MahoneyCorrespondent IJune 16, 2008

"Change is in order. We have determined new leadership is needed in the GM position. With a new leader will come a new plan and a new approach," stated Seattle Mariners GM Howard Lincoln in a press release Monday. 

And with that comes the end of an era for Mariners' baseball.

The Mariners announced the release of general manager Bill Bavasi in yet another attempt to turn around a struggling ball club, which has just come off being swept by the Washington Nationals. 

Assistant GM Lee Pelekoudas has been named the interim general manager until Mariners' officials can complete the hiring process.

Bavasi had served as the GM for the Seattle ball club since November 7, 2003, replacing Pat Gillick.

Pelekoudas, who has worked with the Mariners since 1980 in various positions, was named assistant GM on November 1, 2005, and is considered a serious candidate for the newly-opened GM position.