Cricket's Top Five Most Annoying Qualities

jake clarkeCorrespondent IJune 16, 2008

The annoyances of Cricket:

1. When scoring, the person who is also scoring repeats what has just happened to himself, but he does it aloud for others to hear.


2. The mass appeals for nothing. When the ball hits the pad miles outside leg and somebody catches it, everybody jumps up with the classic wail of "howszaaaat".

It's annoying.

The first thing the Umpire does is raise one eyebrow and say "not out". By the time the appeal has been denied the next ball could have been balled.


3. At cricket matches there is always that one guy that tries to act more important than other. They usually do this by pretending they’re on the phone and they shout and repeat what people have said.

The worst person in cricket for this is Dickie Bird.


4. This is a personal experience with Dickie Bird and another cricketing legend that shall remain nameless.


One man said, "we have more important things than to sign your autograph."


5. Traditional cricket fans— the ones that say twenty20 are rubbish and merely "people playing in pajamas," but yet they turn up to watch the game anyway.

It doesn't make sense.

There are just five of many pet peeves in the game of cricket.