2008 NBA Finals: Wins So Much Sweeter at Home

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IJune 16, 2008

All basketball fans can only imagine how sweet it would be to win an NBA Championship.

But think about it, how much sweeter would it be to win it in your home arena instead of at the other place. You get all your own fans cheering you on, the streamers falling from the air after your miraculous overtime win, it would just be fantastic.

Now I am not saying Boston wasn't trying in Game Five because that CLEARLY wasn't the case, they played their hearts out. But how many players on that team thought that it probably wouldn't have been a bad thing to lose?

You still have two more chances to win on your home court, and it would be so much better. Although they might not admit it, I bet you all of those players were, well i don't want to say happy, but they weren't angry that they lost that game.

Boston is almost perfect at home this season and there is a VERY good chance of them winning it all with their last two games there, so what do you think, is it better for the players and the organization that they lost?