Put The Kid In Now, Kadri

Jeff MacLennanContributor IDecember 1, 2009

Well let's get right in to this. I am not one for bulling around get to the point and spit it out. Nazem Kadri our future number one center well we hope. As of now our centers are not really producing even when lined up with Phil Kessel, a prolific goal scorer. It almost seems as if the can't keep up with him or something. Not saying Matty Stajan is doing terrible but I truly believe that Kadri could very well keep up with Kessel a little better anyways. The kid is doing great in the OHL and is probably ready for the big times now. Maybe not at the same time which is the problem. If Toronto was doing well it would be much easier to put him in because sometimes throwing a kid in to this is bad for them. Thing is this kid seems to be different and very mentally strong from what I can see. Kids got 15 goals 14 assists in just 24 games. Give him the chance at least after you give Bozak the chance first. Either way one of them deserves the chance soon, somethings got to change.