"The Champ" John Cena May Be Here, but So Is Sheamus (Casper)

lee raydeanCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2009

Jesse "The Body" Ventura made some impressionable matches on RAW this last past week and for the TLC pay per view.

John Cena will have to face the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. The winner of the Breakthrough Battle Royal (Sheamus) is now the No. 1 contender to go against the champ.

Casper, as I like to call Sheamus, is more unpredictable than Randy Orton. He proves that week after week.

Last week, at the contract signing, there were words spoken between the two, and it wasn't about if they could hang out and have a few beers. It was about John Cena, the champ, telling Sheamus that he will be in a war against him.

It wasn't long after that when Cena was about to tangle with Ventura, and Sheamus kicked John in the head, then put him through a table.

Casper ended the career of Jamie Noble when he snapped his neck on the mat outside of the ring. This guy is psycho.

This week on RAW, Sheamus fought Santino and nearly put him out of his misery as well with one of his finishing moves that I call the Razor's Edge or the Crucifix Powerbomb.

That wasn't enough for him. Casper put him through a table that was set up in a corner.

Sheamus is no joke and I honestly think Cena has his hands full at TLC. I haven't seen anyone like Casper before. He's ferocious and dangerous.

Cena has something that Sheamus wants, the championship belt, and as much as I like and respect John Cena, I think Casper can pull this off and become champion.

Tonight, Cena came out to the ring and he wasn't smiling like he usually is. The champ was more serious than a heart attack.

He challenged Sheamus to a title match right then and there. Instead of him coming out, Carlito came out with his little red apple and started to run his mouth about how the locker room wanted Sheamus to win their match at TLC.

That didn't sit too well with our champ, and he made it known. Carlito went to spit apple pieces in Cena's face but instead, got the taste slapped out of his mouth. Don't play unless you can pay.

After this little tiff, Sheamus did come out and started to go down to the ring but changed his mind. Cena wanted him in the worst way. John wanted revenge and retribution for what happened last week.

The question on everyone's mind is can Sheamus beat the champ and become champion? He has what it takes to beat Cena and vice versa. This is going to be one match that is going to take both athletes past their limits.

Neither man will back down. John has never backed down from a challenge or has ever given up. He never lets his fans down either.

This is one match I don't want to miss, it will be very intense, hardcore, and someone will probably be injured. That goes without saying.

John, we back you up 1,000 percent!