Chuck Liddell-Rashad Evans Fight Announced for Sept. 6

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 16, 2008

Dana White still has not given us the "big announcement" he was supposed to make, but he has given us something.

UFC:88 has been officially announced with an Iceman vs Sugar Rashard headlining fight.

This could bring some great clarity to the division, as it will be a big win for whoever wins the fight and could potentially give us our next challenger for the LHW title.

Chuck is coming into this fight with a 1-1 record since he lost his title, with a loss to Jardine, and a win over Wanderlei (a great match for the record).

Rashard Evans is still technically undefeated with his last two fights giving him a record of 1-0-1. An argued decision over Bisping, and a draw to Tito Ortiz.

This could give some great clarity to the LHW division, which has most people confused as to who is next in line for the title. Many argue Machida, some argue Wanderlei, and others think Chuck should just be given a rematch already.

Maybe the subtitle for it should be UFC 88: Clarity