Rocco Mediate Misses Chance to Make History, Tiger Woods Adds to His

josh millarSenior Analyst IJune 16, 2008

The 108th US open  can be paralled  to at least 3 big names in the history of golf Jack Nicklaus Ben Hogan and Jack Fleck yes Jack Fleck

Rocco Mediate in this Us Open was 45, in past years mediate suffered from back injuries his world ranking 158th a virtual unknown to the casual golf viewer. His performance reminded me of Jack Nicklaus’ performance in the 1986 masters. It had been 6 years since his last major and everyone thought he was done. That ended being Jack’s last major.

in 1955 Jack Fleck beat been Hogan at the US open that year ironically using a set of Hogan branded clubs. This was Flecks biggest win of his career.

Six years earlier Hogan suffered a tragic bus accident threatening his life, he never played more then 6 tournaments in a season but won 6 more majors in his career, tigers knee injury is know where near as severe but none the less impressive , he hobbled around for 5 days not at his best scratching and clawing and hitting unforgettable shots.

This is without question in my mind tigers biggest accomplishment as he continues his pursuit of Nicklaus’ 18 majors, but, here Tiger proved why he is the greatest of all time another chapter of his storybook career.

Finally in sports we rarely remember who finishes second but we will remember the Giants beating the Patriots and hopefully we will remember mediates great performance.

He gave tiger a bigger push then even the worlds best could not deliver.

This was a defining moment in the careers of both men and another great moment in golf. Tiger Woods is this eras Jack Nicklaus and Rocco Mediate is the new Jack Fleck, only in golf, only in golf…