Brady Vs Manning Lets Set It Straight

scott bissettContributor INovember 30, 2009

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 22:  Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots calls out the play in the fourth quarter against the New York Jets on November 22, 2009 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Patriots defeated the Jets 31-14.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Brady vs Manning has been a hotly contested debate for many years now. I just wanted to set the record straight Brady is the better quarterback by a long shot and reasons why are as follows. Brady has had receivers like Deion branch, Troy Brown, Reche Caldwell remember him dropped the TD against the colts to ice the AFC Championship game for the pats it would have been their 4th super bowl and Daniel "i cant catch a ball" Graham. So many more in between still Brady managed to win 3 super bowls. Now for Manning he has had Marvin Harrison his whole carrier except for this year, Reggie Wayne for all but 3 years, Dallas Clark who is probably the best T.E in the league, Addai all though not for long but as you can see Manning has had alot more talent than Brady did during his 3 superbowls. Give Brady those receivers for 8 years plus and he wins 5 superbowls. I almost forgot The pats wasted a first round pick on CHAD JACKSON. Has anyone seen him??? Manning won his superbowl against a sub-par challenger in the Bears. Brady has engineered three come from behind superbowl wins against the Greatest Show on Turf the Rams, The Panthers who had a great Defense and the High Flying Eagles.

    Brady also excels when the pressure is on he remains cool in the pocket and Manning especially when he plays the pats has a tendency to shuffle his feet and pat the ball when he is nervous. Manning has had the same offensive coordinator his whole carrier Brady on the other hand has had 4 different coordinators including this years. So the consistency there has not been the same as for Manning yet Brady continues to win. I hope this clears up some confusion on this debate I cant wait to hear the replies.