Top 10 Hottest College Football Cheerleaders

Greg RiotAnalyst INovember 30, 2009

Top 10 Hottest College Football Cheerleaders

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    With college football season coming to its most crucial point, it'd be easily to focus solely on everything taking place on the field. But remember for every touchdown scored and field goal kicked, there's a cheerleader behind it, whose endless enthusiasm and excitement made it happen. And this weekend coming up, with Oregon and Oregon State battling each other for top placement in the college football rankings, there are plenty of reasons to tune into the action.

    To curb your excitement, and to feast your eyes on some eye candy, here are my Top Ten Hottest College Football Cheerleaders with bonus pics!:

# 10 Elise from UCLA

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    Birth Date: November, 1988
    Hometown: Newport Coast, Calif.
    Year: Junior
    Major: Pre-med

    She thinks her best physical feature is: Her smile
    Favorite pro sports team: L.A. Angels
    Favorite movies: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Dirty Dancing, Chicago, and The Notebook
    Listens to: Pop music
    Watches: Seinfeld, Friends, and Saved by the Bell
    Her one guilty pleasure are: Cookies

    Just look at her smile! She has a mischievous "yea, I stole the cookies from the cookie jar, so what?" smile. After I looked at her major I couldn't help picture her in a nurses outfit...with that grin on her face.

#9 Brittany Bell of Arizona State

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    Birth Date: November 9
    Hometown: Chandler, Ariz.
    Year: Senior
    Major: Broadcast Journalism / TV

    She thinks her best physical feature is: Her curl hair
    Favorite pro sports team:  The Suns and the Arizona Cardinals.
    Favorite movies:Tyler Perry movies and anything with Adam Sandler, Robin Williams and Will Smith.
    Listens to: R&B music
    Watches: America's Best Dance Crew, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Run's House
    Her one guilty pleasure is: Ice cream

    Besides the fact that she has great taste in movies, I like how she is into video games. Great first date choices would be going to the video game arcade or the movies. And if your smart, invite her over to play video games but remove all the chairs in your room so that the only place left to sit would be your bed. Voila! No need to pull a rabbit out of your hat if you can put a bunny in your bed.

Bonus Pic with Tip: Brittany Bell & Friends

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#8 Chantel Jones of Washington State

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    Hometown: Redmond, Wash.
    Year: Senior
    Major: Advertising
    Sign: Cancer

    She thinks her best physical feature are: Her arms
    Favorite pro sports team:  The Seattle Seahawks and Oklahoma City Thunder
    Favorite movies:What Happens in Vegas, 21 and Dumb & Dumber
    Listens to: Rihanna and Britney Spears
    Her one guilty pleasures are: Anything with chocolate & peanut butter and birthday cake
    Worst habit is: Procrastinating

    Something is up if a girl picks her best physical feature to be her arms...unless she's a body builder or something. But I will cut her some slack because she likes Dumb & Dumber, I don't know how many times I've watched that movie..Damn you Jim Carrey, you stole most of my adolescent years!

#7 Amanda Pflugrad of University of Oregon

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    Hometown: Pullman, Wash.
    Year: Senior
    Major: Advertising with a minor in psychology

    She thinks her best physical feature is: Her eyes
    Favorite pro sports teams: Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins.
    Favorite movie: The Notebook
    Listens to: Metro Station, Akon, Gym Class Heroes, Kevin Rudolf and The Fray.
    Her one guilty pleasure is: Coldstone's cake batter ice cream with brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough mixed in.
    Worst habit is: Bad road rage

    I like a girl who will yell and scream with me while driving. Besides, if she gets all wound up on the road we can pull over and figure out a way for her to "loosen up."

#6 Brittney Tanee' Jeffries from UNC Chapel Hill

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    Hometown: Elon, N.C.
    Year: Junior
    Major: Editing and Graphic Design, Spanish

    She thinks her best physical feature is: Her big brown eyes
    Favorite pro sports team:  The Chicago Bulls from back in the day.
    Favorite movie: Wicker Park
    Listens to: Elisa, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls, Train, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
    Watches: So You Think You Can Dance, Seinfeld, America's Next Top Model,The Beautiful Life.
    Her one guilty pleasure is: Back massages.
    Worst habit is: Falling asleep in random places due to my narcolepsy

    Her big brown eyes are a great compliment to her beautiful wide smile. If that isn't enough for you she is obsessed with monstar trucks. Any girl that likes monster trucks is ok in my book.

#5 Kelsi Metzler of University of Oregon

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    Birth Date: July 8, 1986
    Hometown: Springfield, OR
    Year: Was a Senior in 2007
    Major: Sociology

    She thinks her best physical feature are: Her eyes and my cheekbones
    Favorite pro sports team:  The Dallas Cowboys and Miami Heat.
    Favorite movies: Elf, Pride and Prejudice, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
    Listens to: Incubus, The Used, Norah Jones and Mat Kearney
    Watches: Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team and Oprah's Favorite Things episodes.
    Her one guilty pleasure is: Reality television

    I never thought anyone would pick cheekbones as one of their favorite physical features, but yea, she has nice dimples, if your into that sort of thing. And I like a girl with beautiful eyes, it keeps them from buying color contacts and having to got o the bathroom to wash them out whenever a would-be speck of dust gets in them.

#4 Danielle Hilliard of University of Western Ontario

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    Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Year: Junior
    Major: Criminology

    She thinks her best physical feature is: Her Stomach
    Favorite pro sports team:  Toronto Maple Leafs.
    Favorite movie: Beverly Hills Ninja
    Listens to: A variety, she has a broad taste in music
    Watches: The Hills, True Blood and UFC fights.
    Her one guilty pleasure is: Häagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream
    Worst habit is: Overeating

    When a girls got too much muscle they tend to look manly and turn guys off. But Danielle, even with her washboard abs, exhibits a sexy feminine physique. And on the plus side, she's not gay. How do I know? Look at the pic, she likes wood! She blew away most contenders in my ranking not only because she is hot, but because she likes watching UFC and I'm a huge UFC fan. Her worst habit is overeating? Well...looking the way she does, it doesn't seem like a serious problem. Besides, who likes a girl who is afraid to eat?

Bonus Pic: Assets

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Bonus Pic: Piercings

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Bonus Pic: "Big Guns"

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Bonus Pic: Hot Friends

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#3 Vanessa Marrero from Florida International University

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#2 Britany Raymond of University of Florida

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    Birth Date: January 28, 1986
    Hometown: Ashburn, Va.
    Year: She was a Senior in 2008
    Major: Physiology and kinesiology

    She thinks her best physical feature are: Waist and hips
    Favorite pro sports team:  Doesn’t have one, follows college sports teams
    Favorite movie: Finding Nemo
    Listens to: Christian Alternative, country and Rascal Flatts
    Watches: America's Funniest Home Videos, A Haunting and MythBusters on the Discovery Channel
    Her one guilty pleasure is: Sweets, especially cookies

    (Am I the only person who noticed that she has really nice teeth? ) I honestly believe that more people would come to the games if cheerleaders wore swimsuits. Who's with me!?

Bonus Pic: Calendar Girl

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Bonus Pic: All Wet

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#1 Lisa Charisse Blanco of Arizona State University

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    Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
    Year: Sophomore
    Major: Broadcasting/ Journalism

    She thinks her best physical feature is: Her small feet
    Favorite pro sports team: Cowboys
    Favorite movie: Love and Basketball.
    Listens to: Trey Songz, Drake and Zumba songs.
    Her one guilty pleasure is: Animal-style fries at In & Out Burger
    Worst habit is: Leaving the T.V. on

    The best way around this girls stiff arm is to seduce her with shoes. I gotta say, I like my chances! Lisa scored extra points for sporting the Heisman trophy pose.

Bonus Pic: Flexibility

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Bonus Pic: Fashion Sense

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