Uconn Once Again Going Bowling

Robert BContributor IJune 14, 2016

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Randy Edsall has made yet another major accomplishment at the university of Connecticut.  For the third straight season the Uconn football team will be headed to a bowl game, something that has never been done at the school before.  Whatever Bowl Game the Huskies are headed to whether it is the PapaJohns.com Bowl or the St. Petersburg Bowl this Uconn team has put together a solid season under the toughest of circumstances.  Jasper Howard's midseason tragic death combined with five losses by a combined 15 points this team could have just given up on this season and said they had given it a great run.  But, they didn't they kept fighting heading into a showdown with Notre Dame with a record of 4-5 the odds were against the Huskies, but they managed to pull off an unthinkable upset.  Last Saturday they  played the Syracuse Orange with a chance to become bowl eligible, this game had trap game labeled all over it.  Uconn came out and dominated the game throughout and achieved a goal for the team that they had set at the beginning of the year.  Game to Game this Uconn team has shown great improvement whether it has been the Uconn recievers, quarterback Zach Frazier, or young defensive backs Dwayne Gratz and Blidi-Wreh Wilson.  More people should give this team credit for what they have accomplished this season rather than complain about how close they are to being unbeaten, I would have to think this Uconn team is the team Randy Edsall will remember and be proud of the most in his coaching years.  With one regular season game left against South Florida this Uconn team is clicking on all cylinders and an 8-5 season is looking more and more possible as the weeks go on.  One thing this Uconn football team has shown is that no matter what the odds against them are they will keep fighting.