Matt Cain, Lou Seal at Macy's

D WizzleSenior Analyst IJune 16, 2008

Security was very tight for the event and no backpacks or bags were allowed on stage when you went up to meet Cain. I guess they were worried about someone hurting him, but this is not Barry Zito we are talking about. If Zito showed up to sign autographs, they might have needed metal detectors at Macy's.

Here are videos of the event and pictures as well.

Matt Cain and Lou Seal Videos and Pictures

Both Cain and Lou Seal were very personable and nice. They seemed to really enjoy meeting the fans as well as taking pictures and signing autographs with them.

Some of the funnier videos include Lou Seal getting hit in the mouth by Cain. Lou did not appreciate it and challenged Cain to a fight until the Giants righty walked away. The video with Lou Seal trying on clothes is funny as well.