Another Set of Eyes Gives Redskins a New Look

Jarrett CarterAnalyst INovember 30, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 29:  Jason Campbell #17 of the Washington Redskins passes against The Philadelphia Eagles during their game at Lincoln Financial Field on November 29, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

If there is a positive to be taken away from the Redskins’ second-consecutive choke job , it’s that the offense can now be offered up as a legitimate NFL scoring unit.

Twenty or more points in two out of the last three weeks? Rejoice, Raljon.

Additionally, yesterday’s debacle against the Philadelphia Eagles showed flashes of capability from Fred Davis, Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly , something Redskins fans have waited for nearly two years, out of the draft picks that there could’ve/should’ve been at least one good offensive lineman.

The three combined for 10 catches, 139 yards and a touchdown;  a stat line that Dan Snyder likely envisioned for one of those receivers on any given day—but he’ll take it.

Finally—and this is important—the Redskins haven’t given up. If they were smart they would, but they haven’t.

I’m sure it’s taking everything they have not to feign injury or incompetence when management has cost them so dearly this season, but credit the offense for rallying behind the telephone game system of playcalling and providing a glimpse of what the Redskins offense was designed to be.