Better To Win Your Bowl, Or Go For It All?

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Better To Win Your Bowl, Or Go For It All?
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Texas has made their way to the Big 12 title game.  Win that, and you'll get your shot at the National Championship Game.  But the big question is this: do you really want your shot at Florida or Alabama?

As a Sooner backer, I make my own entertainment by knocking Texas University fans for playing Stephenville High School every other week.  And the fact that they haven't played a top 10 team all season helps my case (even though they did beat Louisana-Monroe decisively).  But their next argument comes about the Sooners not winning bowl games.  All I can think of is WAIT...hold the phone, tap the brakes, ease up just a little.

Longhorn fans revel about the fact they won the National Championship in 2005. won, but on your only opportunity.  You should get your shot again this year. 

Since 2000, Oklahoma has played in four national title games and 3 other BCS games mixing in a Cotton Bowl and Holiday Bowl wins along the way.  Generally, to get in a BCS game, you have to be ranked somewhere in the top 10.  To get in the title game, you HAVE to be ranked 1 or 2.  I'll trade this off year for the last 10 years of dominance.  Yet, Longhorn backers refer to their dominating rival as "Chokelahoma" because of they are only 4-5 in those 9 games (losing the last 5 BCS games).

Do I trade a loss in a National Championship Game for the opportunity to play in it?  Me?  Not a chance.  I'd take that loss over any Holiday Bowl win.

But Texas?  TCU?  You may want to think about what you are asking for.  You're going to get your shot.  But this nation has fallen in love with Tim Tebow, and there is a reason why.  (Remember, my Sooners found out about that too.)  They've fallen in love with him because he's a winner...and when he plays your team in the National Championship Game, he's going to win.

Once you lose that National Championship Game, do I have the right to call you a choker?  You've done that to me for years.

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