Randy Orton Rips Into Kofi Kingston In What "Should" Be His Next WWE Promo

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIINovember 30, 2009

Monday Night Raw opens to a standing ovation as the people in Baltimore, Maryland await the introduction to the night's live event.

While it seems as though everyone in the arena is excited for the upcoming program, their dwells one man backstage who appears to be less than enthusiastic.

A video is played on the titantron to recap the events of the previous week's program which is then followed by an elaborate display of fireworks that works the crowd into frenzy.

Much to the disappointment of the thousands in attendance, the program begins (much as it did last week) with the sound of Randy Orton's entrance music.

Randy Orton begins to slowly make his way down to the ring, looking much different than he has in recent months.

His hair looks to be a little bit longer, his five o'clock shadow more pronounced, and he has gone back to wearing jeans (instead of trunks) with his usual "gas mask" t-shirt.

Gone is the generic "grumpy" Randy Orton facial expression which has been replaced with that evil look in his eyes (think back to the night he broke Batista's arm).

He makes his way into the ring and picks up the microphone to begin his promo...


"Kofi Kingston.

It saddens me that this issue between the two of us has had to continue, but then again, there are a number of things I regret having done over the past few weeks.

You know, my father always told me that there comes a time in life when a man has to take responsibility for his actions. And he was right.

It was wrong of me to jump you from behind the night after Bragging Rights.

I took an unsuspecting man and threw him off the stage in a fit of rage.

I'll admit it; I've been having a bit of an issue with self-control lately.

Had I taken the time to think things through, perhaps I wouldn't have let my issues with self-control dictate my actions.

For that Kofi Kingston, I must say that I am sorry.

I'm sorry for throwing you off of the stage like that, those actions were not fitting of a man who deserves to be champion.

I'm sorry Kofi Kingston, that I didn't do worse.

I allowed my issue with self-control to get the better of me.

Here I stood a 6'4 former champion and I pitied the little man who cost him team a victory at Bragging Rights.

Sure I was upset that you decided to interfere in my championship match with John Cena but it was my pity that allowed you to remain conscious.

My mistakes than managed to continue week after week.

I underestimated you which should come as little surprise. After all, what did I have to be intimidated by?

A man who has held the United States championship, the Intercontinental championship?

Santino Marella held the Intercontinental championship so don't even get me started Kofi Kingston!

Until Survivor Series, you had done absolutely nothing.

I've main-evented Wrestlemania, three times! You couldn't main event a house-show!

Your "fluke" victory over me at Survivor Series will prove to be your undoing.

Shawn Michaels might like to call himself the "main-event" but I am the one who has carried this company for the past two years!

When was the last time any of you people spent your hard earned money to buy a PPV that wasn't main-evented by me?

And now I have to deal you Kofi Kingston?

Your actions over the last few weeks have been reprehensible.

First you were upset that I attacked you instead of being grateful that I allowed you to remain an active part of this roster, so what did you do?

You decided to destroy my car!

You caused thousands of dollars worth of damage because you were upset that I got involved in your business after you got involved in mine.

Let me ask you something Kofi Kingston, do you really think I would have wasted my time putting my hands on you had you not gotten involved in my match?

But you did Kofi, you did decide to stick your nose in my business and for that you paid a price.

What kind of example were you setting for all these young children who look up to you when they see you destroying valuable property?

How many children do you think thought it was cool to see someone they look up to destroy a motor vehicle?

Now Kofi, it doesn't really matter to me what any of these people think of me, but at least I don't go around pretending to care.

Then, all those same people who look up to you, were the same people you put in danger a few weeks later.

Think back Kofi.

YOU decided to get involved in my business with Roddy Piper.

YOU decided to save someone who has done far worse things than I ever have and why?

So you could try to put your hands on me.

You knew you couldn't compete with me one on one so you decided that one of your typical "sneak attacks" would give you the upper hand.

But that Kofi Kingston, wasn't enough.

You could have faced me one on one in the ring but you were smart enough to take me out of my element.

The same ring that I have defeated countless legends in was not a place where you were brave enough to face me.

You had to bring the fight outside the ring and in the process you endangered the very people that seem to care about you.

It was YOU who threw me into the live crowd at Madison Square Garden.

It was YOU who brought a dangerous physical confrontation right next to the women and children in the audience. 

It was all fair game to you so long as you got to instigate another fight.

You felt perfectly comfortable throwing punches next to a live crowd of people who had nothing to do with your little issue.

I tried to bring the fight back to the ring but you would have nothing of it.

You threw me back over the guard-rail a second time and continued to put all of those people in jeopardy."


Orton begins to draw a lot of heat from the crowd who are reacting as though his accusations are inaccurate.

He responds...


"You people think I'm making this up?

Roll the footage!"


The titantron plays the footage of Kofi Kingston's brawl with Randy Orton at Madison Square Garden.


"The footage doesn't lie Kofi.

It was YOU who decided to risk to well-being of all those fans, and for that you should be ashamed of yourself.

But our story didn't end there.

You picked up a "fluke" victory at Survivor Series, something that would NEVER happen if you were to face me one on one right here in the middle of this ring.

Then you cost me the chance to win back MY title last week.

So now the time has come Kofi Kingston.

As sick as it might make me to have to soil myself by competing against the likes of you, I'm willing to do it if it means I don't have to see your face ever again.

You can join Ric Flair and the countless other people I've put on the shelf by staying at home every Monday night and watching me continue to achieve my destiny.

My destiny is the WWE Championship, you're just a temporary fix.

After I take out whatever is left of you come TLC, the board of directors will have no choice but to give me another shot at my title.

You might not like it Kofi Kingston, but I want you to remember something important.

When you’re sitting at home, a broken man and your family wonders why you can't run quite as fast or why you can’t jump quite as high, I want you to tell them that it is because of the decisions that you made.

Allow your family to learn from your mistakes, allow yourself to be another example of what happens when someone decides to get involved in my business.

I might have apologized to you earlier tonight Kofi Kingston but I assure you that after I put you down as TLC, there will be no more apologies to be given.

That is, if you're even conscious enough to understand anything after I’m done with you."



Please be aware that the above scripted promo is 100 percent fictitious.

Randy Orton portrays a villainous character on television, therefore the promo is intended to be reflective of how such a character might choose to voice himself.

In no way do I endorse any of the comments or views presented within the promo as the entire script was created for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Thank you for your understanding.

Note to World Wrestling Entertainment:

Did you like the promo? If so, feel free to contact me directly at bleacherreporter@yahoo.com if you have any interest in my creative writing services.



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