Malcolm Floyd Proving Some Concerns For San Diego Chargers

Paul PreibisiusAnalyst INovember 29, 2009

I think Malcolm Floyd is a great piece of the team, a great deep threat to compliment Vincent Jackson. Unfortunately, back when Chris Chambers was waived, I worried a bit that he was a great No. 3 guy and suited to the role of a true starter. 

His best asset is going up for jump balls, using size and a willingness to tangle in order to wrestle the ball away. Going against a nickel back, this is even more of an advantage he can make use of, whereas against good starters they can hinder him a bit more.

He is not a phenomenal route runner, or technically proficient, despite having many years in the team’s system. He is no Braylon Edwards, but drops a few balls that should stick. A defense has to account for him, but not worry the way they do about Anontio Gates or Jackson. Since taking over the starting duties his byline is:

2 catches 9 yards 1 TD

2 catches 64 yards

2 catches 29 yards

3 catches 45 yards

4 catches 38 yards

He needs to show me at least one game before the season is over where he can have a five receptions for 60 yards for me to feel the team does not need to pursue a different guy as the second option.  I love the four wideout look of Jackson, a good route running possession guy, Floyd, and Naanee.  A No. 5 guy is not necessary with Gates and Darren Sproles.

Some of this is of course opportunity, as Jackson/Gates eat much of the passing game attention, but with the improvement in certain areas where the team won’t need to focus as heartily this offseason as first thought (safety/middle linebacker), I think a true No. 2 guy would be a good option to look into this offseason.