Charlie Weis's Final Act Of Disgrace To Notre Dame

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Charlie Weis's Final Act Of Disgrace To Notre Dame
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First Charlie, for some still unknown reason, quits coaching at Notre Dame. He does it mid-season, while still eligible for a high bowl and tells no one about his decision. Then Charlie goes through the motion of coaching for the next four games. He publicly states his desire to succeed, but still mananges to loose every chance to succeed. His players state they want success, but time and again fail in critical situations. Charlie then, according to rumor, tells his defense to let the winning touchdown score. Charlie then finally lacks the courage to admit what he has done to the press.

I just do not know where to begin. I hope the next coach at Notre Dame does not lie to us like Charlie. Charlie apparently cares little for the millions of fans he hurt this year. While yes this is just football, people love Notre Dame and what the school has done for this country. Charlie was given a huge honor and basically spat all the Notre Dame fans across the country.

In my last article, I asked two simple questions of Charlie. First when did you decide to quit Notre Dame and second why? I am still waiting for an answer.

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