Does Franklin have what it takes?

Derek NoppeCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2007

UFC 77 top billing is the rematch between Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva.  Can Franklin over come the loss and win back the Middleweight Championship belt?

In a word YES!

In UFC 64 Silva simply got Franklin in a Muy Thai clich and pounded Rich with some heavy knees to the body, then when Rich tried to save his mid-section by dropping his hands the knees came up to his head.  That is how the fight was ended.  Now I am over simplifing what Silva accomplished.  Remember now Franklin had been on a tear winning his previous seven fights leading up to the Silva fight.

When Silva stepped onto the UFC mat his first match was with heavy handed Chris Leben.  Silva showed us then what his stricking skills were as he knocked Chris out in round one.

Franklin is a smart fighter, he has now had time to focus on Silva.  Franklin's team has had the time to see the video of the first fight and other Silva fights that will help them develop and fight plan for the rematch.

UFC 77 has the possiblity of being one of the best Title Matches ever on the bill.  The fight will be an all out striking war.  This fight will probably not go the distance of 5 rounds.  Both fighters like to stay on their feet but in this fight look for Silva to try and take it to the ground. 

My prediction Fanklin stoppage in round 3.