Small ball and sharing leads to key home win: Cavaliers 111, Mavericks 95

Kirk LammersContributor INovember 28, 2009

Photo: Tony Dejak/AP

Many Cavalier fans expected to celebrate a milestone tonight, but matchup circumstances caused that to be delayed. Not one to often disappoint the home crowd, however, the Cavaliers gave the 20,562 a win that was marked by a Delonte West cameo, lots of small ball against the small Mavs, plenty of Shaq touches, and some incredibly efficient shooting against one of the best in the West.

DNP-CD for Z?: That's right, Cavalier fans. Danny Ferry gets to enjoy a few more days in the record books alongside Zydrunas Ilgauskas because the 7'3" center recorded his first DNP-CD or "did not play - coach's decision" in a long time. If someone gets back to me on the last time it happened, I'll give you some recognition in the next Cavalier article. I'm mildly ticked at Mike Brown, especially considering how much time FSN Ohio devoted to this milestone feat in their pregame show. I understand that it wasn't a good matchup for Z with Drew Gooden being the biggest guy out there, but he could've found 5-6 minutes at some point in the late first or early second quarter to get him in. For heaven's sake, Shaq isn't any faster. If you think he breaks the record Wednesday, you could be mistaken. The Phoenix Suns aren't any better of a matchup for Ilgauskas or the Cavaliers' big unit. With about three minutes left and the outcome not in doubt, you could have ran Z out there as well, just like they did with Jawad Williams and Darnell Jackson. I realize that Z was probably a) rusty b) stiff and c) not worried about it, but it's just unfortunate that on the night the odometer was supposed to roll over, it didn't happen. Here's hoping Z gets it done on Wednesday.