Five Things I Learned While Watching The Rangers Get Destroyed Tonight

Metro HockeyCorrespondent INovember 29, 2009

1. Steve Valiquette is the Ranger that would die first in a horror movie. Man has he been terrible. I have not seen a goalie look as bad as him since the Mike Dunham years, in fact, that would be an insult to Dunham. The fact is, Valiquette beats the Flyers and Maple Leafs a couple times two years ago (when they were both lottery teams) and all of a sudden he is an elite back up goalie capable of being a starter on half the teams in the NHL. What a crock of bullshit. Valiquette is an ECHL caliber goalie who is only on this team because there is no one else, which leads me to point number two.

2. I am already hearing fans say that they want goaltender Chad Johnson called up from Hartford. Are you being serious? Do you really want to ruin the kid? He does not have a game of NHL experience and would not last a day with this Rangers defense.

3. Still jumping for joy after Wade Redden's injury? Enjoying our rebuild mode with five homegrown kids on defense? I'm all for a youth movement, but a gradual one, not all at once. The Rangers have now given up thirteen goals in two games since Redden got injured. Hate to say I told you so, but you need experience on defense if you are going to win anything in this league.

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