Is Shaq really helping the Cavs?

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Is Shaq really helping the Cavs?
In the ten games Shaq has played, the Cavaliers are 6-4. In the six games he didn't play, the Cavaliers were 5-1. I'm not saying Shaq isn't contributing to the Cavs success, but it sure seems they played better in his absence.

You would think Shaq's rebounding would help the Cavaliers, but the stats say otherwise. In the six games without Shaq, the Cavaliers were out-rebounded four of the six games. That sounds positive, but in the ten games he has played the Cavaliers have been out-rebounded six out of ten.

There is no doubt his presence in the paint defensively helps the Cavaliers. He alters shots and limits the lane for driving. But, you can also say that on the offensive end. The Cavaliers are more reluctant to drive and tend to shoot the ball more when Shaq is in the game. As well as Z is playing right now, maybe Shaq should come off the bench or have a limited role in the first quarter. Coach Brown should get things going and then have Shaq come into the game. I'm looking down the road though and seeing how Shaq will effect the team in the playoffs. I don't see it working out the way Lebron or the rest of the team would like it to.

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