NASCAR: How Much Has Changed Since Dale Earnhardt Jr. Last Won?

Toby ChristieSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2008

Just to put it in perspective, how long had it been since Dale Earnhardt Jr. had won a points race in Sprint Cup?

It's been 76 Sprint Cup races...or 770 days.

When he won his last race in May 2006, I was still in high school for 23 more days. Saddam Hussein was still alive. Let's not forget that Slovenia adopted the Euro as their official currency. 

If you would have told someone Earnhardt was going to be driving any car other than the No. 8, they would have told you to calm down, it's just a commercial! Oh, and Joey Logano was just being born (that last one was a joke) but you get the picture. That was 2006, and this is 2008. 

Since his last win in 2006, NASCAR TV ratings started to plummet, leading many to wonder if NASCAR's popularity had peaked.

Coincidentally, Dale Jr. has been much more consistent this season and TV ratings are back up. So whether you are a Dale Jr. fan or not, if you are a NASCAR fan, this may be the best thing for the sport in a trying economical time.

Let's not forget just months ago, many were wondering if Dale Jr. could ever win again (some were still saying that Sunday morning before the race.) But with his win in the LifeLock 400 at Michigan, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has silenced his critics for at least one week.