New York Rangers: An Interview With Chris Kotsopoulos

Metro HockeyCorrespondent INovember 28, 2009

It has become apparent this season, especially through this current skid that they are in, that the Rangers lack physical toughness; both when sticking up for their goalie and each other. And who better to talk about toughness with then former New York Ranger Chris Kotsopoulos? We sat down the other day to talk about the team and their lack of physicality.

MH: Do you think Chris Drury is injured more seriously than the team is letting on? This is his third concussion in five years and he must be suffering from some severe PCS at this point.

CK: It's possible that there are lingering effects and only time will tell how serious it is. The length of Chris Drury's absence will give us the answer.

MH: What options do the Rangers have, either by free agency or trade, to help improve their one-man offense and also add a seventh defenseman?

CK: I'm not sure, but it all has to do with cap space. If you have room there are plenty of options, if not, your hands are tied. Cap space dictates future moves period.

MH: What do you see as the major problem with this team during the slump they have been in for the last several weeks?

CK: For me, and remember it's just my opinion, the scoring chances have been there; it's the physicality and overall team toughness that has been missing. In tight games, getting physical goes a long way to wearing the opponents down. Again just my opinion.

MH: Do you feel that Gaborik will be able to keep up this amazing pace for an entire season? What are the chances he breaks Jagr's single season goals record?

CK: Yes, I do believe he can keep this pace up. Health obviously is the key and everyone knows that. If he approaches or breaks Jagr's record that's great but I along with most Ranger fans will take what he gives us.

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