An Open Letter To Dale Jr.

Dottie travisCorrespondent INovember 28, 2009

Dear Dale jr:

  Just wanted to write you this little note at the end of this horrendous season just to let you know How proud i am of you and the #88 despite the dismal finish you always managed a smile even though sometimes i could see it hurt

  But i have to say you have nothing to be disappointed about, so you had a bad season, so what that dosnt change the man, you are still the same dalejr.  that dosnt change who or what you are in my eyes. i am still standing just as strong beside you as i have always been and i always will be.

 You are a class act junior you have endured stuff that would of made most of us give up, you stood strong. though sometimes you proably could of cried, punched something in anger what ever but you displayed dignity and grace no matter what.

Pretty soon 2010 will be here with a chance for you to get the championship you so desire i  know i will see an Earnhardt standing up on the championship podium next year at this time. but in the end i must tell you wether you win or loose, wether your a champion or not. you were "ALWAYS" a champion to me  "MY CHAMPION" always #1

and i will support until your hang up your keys for good.  so go get em in 2010 Junior and i will be right there cheering "LOUD AND PROUD!!!"

God bless you Merry christmas and Happy New Year

dottie Travis