Celtics up 3-1; Can They Pull off the Win to Secure the Title?

chris hurstCorrespondent IJune 15, 2008

In just about an hour the Celtics will be playing their fifth straight game against the LA Lakers—this time for the NBA Finals title and trophy.  The Celtics lead this series three games to one, and no team in history has ever come back to win after starting with this record.

The Celtics lead the Lakers in titles, 8-2.  Now these two teams were the top two contenders from the start of the season.  Celtics had a final record of 66-16, while the Lakers went 57-25.

Yes! The Celtics had the better record in my opinion, and the better team. 

In game four, the Celtics didn't take a lead until the fourth quarter. They were down by at least 27 in the first half, and came back to win 97-91. But it took teamwork to do this.  Many fans gave up on the Celtics in that game, but many fans stuck with them. This was a game to remember! 

Now tonight game five starts at 9:00 PM EST, and I predict the ____ will take the Final title.

Oops, I didn't put a team name in, but I don't want to jinx anything, so I'm not going to say anything.  However, I think the final score will be 101-96.