Alex Rodriguez: Analysis of the Yankees' Third Baseman

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2008

1)     Contact: A-

Alex has amazing plate coverage, thereby allowing him to make contact with the ball at either end of the plate.

2)     Power: A+

Alex may hang up his cleats one day as the all time home run king in Major League baseball. To me, that is worthy of the elusive A+ rating.

3)     Hitting For Average: A-

Alex consistently hits over .300, and has had some pretty gaudy batting averages in his career.

4)     Fielding: A

A former Gold Glove shortstop, Alex continues to show his defensive prowess at third base.

5)     Arm: A

Alex has an extremely strong arm, as he often shows with his magnificent plays at the hot corner.

6)     Stealing: A-

He may not be the fastest player out there, but he knows how to steal a base as well as anyone.

7)     Base Running: A

Alex has always been an extremely intelligent base runner, always making the right decisions of the base paths.

8)     Patience: B+

When the weakest area of your game is rated to be a B+, you know you’re doing something right. Alex’s patience is already really good, and it seems to only be getting better.

Overall Grade: A