The Wright Take: Carlito's Way, Not Cool!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2008

When wrestling fans make a list of the most under-used superstars in the WWE, Carlito’s name always comes up. This second generation superstar is among the better skilled athletes in the business and is also great with the microphone, especially with his in-ring segment “Carlito’s Cabana”.

But last week, we saw the path his character was taking when he and his Tag Team partner lost against Cryme Tyme on Monday night RAW. It was reported that when Carlito was told he was scheduled to lose his match, he was close to leaving the arena. Thankfully he stayed and went on with the show.

Now reports are coming out that Carlito will be meeting with Vince McMahon within the next few weeks, and it is expected that he will be asking for an immediate release from his contract.

This is not the first time he has threatened to leave the company.

In late 2007, Carlito requested for his release, but after a meeting with Vince McMahon, he was convinced to stay with the company. It was expected that he would go for a Tag Team Title run with partner Santino Marella.

As months went by, the team cleverly named “Cantino” was named No.1 contenders for the Tag Team Titles twice, but lost their Title bout. First, Santino was first having a storyline with Playboy Cover-Girl Maria. Recently, he had a storyline with Roddy Rowdy Piper, Jimmy Kimmel and Cousin Sal. Santino did not come out the winner of those two feuds (or as Santino would say “Weinner”!).

It is obvious that the Tag Team Title run that Carlito was expecting is now long gone. Now he is threatening to leave once again.

Why isn’t he getting the push that the fans want and Carlito thinks he deserves?


Yes, Carlito deserves a push and has the right to be frustrated. But his attitude might be the reason why he is stuck where he’s at. The “Push me or I’m gone” attitude rubs me and I’m sure it rubs Vince McMahon the wrong way.

There are PLENTY of superstars deserving a push. Kennedy, CM Punk, Benjamin, Burke, DH Smith, and the list of deserving superstars goes on and on. You do not see any of those threatening to leave the company.

I was a huge Carlito supporter, but his constant whining has become very tiresome and has lost all the sympathy I had for his cause. In the business, you roll with the punches. Your chance will come sooner or later. We can’t forget, Carlito won the U.S Title in his WWE Debut from none other than John Cena!  

He also won the Intercontinental Title in his first match on RAW after switching brands. It is not like Carlito has NEVER been pushed.

Finally, with the WWE Draft coming, you can’t help to think that Carlito’s fortune would probably have changed. So what now? This will be the second time Carlito threatens to leave. Will Vince let him walk?

Personally, I could care less. You want to leave? Then leave!

He’ll probably end up in TNA once the 90 day no competing clause is up. What makes him think his attitude and ego will work elsewhere? I’m skeptical.