Jeremy Shockey, or Jeremy Suckey?

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJune 15, 2008

So Jeremy Shockey continues to voice his displeasure about playing for the New York Giants


Why should we care? Or better yet, why was he even brought back to New York to be so pissy? 


Jeremy Shockey was injured late in the Giants season and replaced by an unproven rookie at his position. The result? The Giants won the Super Bowl. 


So how can a man whose team won a championship WITHOUT him in the lineup, have the ego to complain?  Shouldn’t he feel lucky to still have a job? 


After a startling rookie year, Jeremy Shockey seemed to lose his hunger.  At first he seemed like the next Mark Bavaro, a human bulldozer.  But over the next few seasons, he seemed content to make a catch and then either stumble or simply fall down.  And after that, he would almost always leave the field as if to say “I’ve done enough.” 


The answer to this is simple…trade the guy!  Why would you want him back in the first place if we found someone who can do his job better than he can while keeping his mouth shut? 


Though Shockey sounds unhappy now, if he does find a new team, he might miss New York.  After all, where else would there be enough media attention for him to bitch and moan to?