Let's See That Again

Jason LempertCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

In case you've missed it, Major League Baseball is coming closer and closer to implementing instant replay in regular season games. Last month, a decision was made that baseball would try out instant replay in the Arizona Fall League, and the World Baseball Classic next spring.

Well, USA Today reported this afternoon that MLB would like to bring instant replay about earlier than that. They would like to see games using replay by August 1. There are still hurdles in the road to get there, however. Limitations and regulations have to be made to meet the approval of the World Umpire Association, the Players' Union and the Owners' Union. But if they can all come to an agreement, and soon, this could mean good things for the game of baseball.

It seems like there have been more missed home run and/or fair/foul calls made this season than any other season ,in recent memory anyway. Carlos Delgado, Alex Rodriguez and Geovanny Soto have all been victimized by an umpire who could not tell whether a ball had actually left the park or not. With instant replay, the umpires won't feel as much pressure to make an accurate call in the blink of an eye.

Not only could instant replay help the umpires, but it could also aide in moving the pace of the game along. It is logical to think that taking time to view a monitor to see an instant replay clip will take less time than it takes for the manager of one team to come out and argue, then have the umpires convene to try and come up with a call, and then have the other manager come out and argue that decision.

And if MLB is going to implement instant replay, better for them to do it sooner than later. The last thing Bud Selig and the rest of the sport want is for a home run to be overruled, or some other similar play, in a game that could affect the playoffs or a milestone. And remember, MLB is only going to use instant replay (at least to start out with) for calls regarding home runs and fair/foul calls - not balls and strikes or out/safe.

Good call!