Devil's Advocate: Why Terrell Owens Belongs in Canton

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Devil's Advocate: Why Terrell Owens Belongs in Canton
IconPerhaps Chad Johnson would be so kind as to let me borrow the jacket he donned after scoring a touchdown against the Ravens in Week One.

You know—the one that said "Future H.O.F. 20??" on the back.

I'd like to give it to Terrell Eldorado Owens.

And yes, I know what you're thinking:

T.O., in Canton—are you crazy?!

Like a fox.

Naysayers will argue that Owens’ tenures with the 49ers and Eagles should exclude him from consideration. They'll say he was a bad teammate who destroyed both franchises with his selfish attitude.


Let me make this perfectly clear: NFL players play to win, not to throw pajama parties with each other.

A bad teammate is someone who doesn't perform on the field.

Owens, on the other hand, has always delivered.

In the seven games he played before being suspended by the Eagles in 2005, T.O. averaged almost seven catches for 100 yards and a touchdown.

The fact that he produced those numbers while at the center of a media storm makes the performance all the more remarkable.

After Owens’ suspension, Eagles players asked Andy Reid to reinstate him. They obviously knew who gave them the best chance to win.

It’s no coincidence that Donovan McNabb had his best season in Owens' first year in Philly. It’s also no coincidence that he’s struggled since T.O. skipped town—or that Tony Romo has excelled while throwing to Owens in Dallas.

In the end, I believe the numbers will speak for themselves in the Hall of Fame debate about Owens—especially if he can win a Super Bowl.

Speaking of numbers—Owens is already fourth all-time in career receiving touchdowns and needs just 124 receptions and 1,732 yards to crack the all-time top five in both categories.

Barring major injury, it’ll happen.

Owens has also stacked up well against his peers, with only Marvin Harrison (receptions, yards, and touchdowns), Isaac Bruce (receptions and yards), and Keenan McCardell (receptions) topping him on the career stats lists.

Sounds like the makings of a Hall of Fame resume to me.

The bottom line? Get your popcorn ready and set your TiVo for the day T.O. makes his way to Canton, because I'm sure his induction speech will be just like his career:

One hell of a show.

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