Will the L.A. Clippers Make a Trade at the Deadline?

Evan MasseyCorrespondent INovember 26, 2009

What do you guys think? They obviously have guys that are very young and talented, and in my opinion it's obvious they aren't going to win, so they should look to deal some of the older guys for good young players and picks. Some options to be moved are as follows.

Baron Davis

This guy could get some value in return. He's a great offensive scoring threat, and is a good passer as well. Baron would be great for a team that is looking for a veteran PG, and someone who needs a good PG to make the Playoffs. They could probably net a couple good young players, or a couple picks for him if they found the right trading partner.

Marcus Camby

This guy would be so easy to find a new home for, simply because every single team in the NBA loves to have a defensive minded, shot-blocker as their center. Not only does he have good skills, but he uses them fully and hustles, which enables him to outplay quite a few centers who have the talent, but don't have the desire to hustle. He could realistically get them a pick and a young guy or two.

Chris Kaman

Last but not least I had to put Kaman out here, simply because he's one of the best scoring centers in the league, and he also adds on a lot of rebounds. His defense is sometimes questionable, but usually he is very solid. If the Clippers were to deal him, they could probably receive a first rounder or two, or maybe a few prospects.

So all being said and done, it's up to you to decide. Should the Clippers make a move with one of these guys by the deadline and try to rebuild? Or should they continue to pay these guys and lose?