Alex Gonzalez to The Blue Jays

David O'Brien@DavidObrien19xCorrespondent INovember 26, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 09:  Alex Gonzalez #2 of the Boston Red Sox flys out in the third inning of Game Two of the ALDS against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim during the 2009 MLB Playoffs at Angel Stadium on October 9, 2009 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)
Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Alex Gonzalez came into Boston in the middle of the season to fill in for Jed Lowrie.

Today, he has signed a one-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays for $2.75 M. It comes with an $2.5 M option for 2011.

Gonzalez was a good Asset to the Red Sox after leaving the Cincinnati Reds.

Alex Gonzalez will be taking the spot of now free agent, Marco Scutaro.

This begs the question; Who will be the Red Sox SS?

He played only about 30 games in the 2009 and was on and off the DL because of injuries.

Why risk having him in the '10 season. Marco Scutaro had an average year.

  BA .282, HR 12, 60 RBI, .379 OBP, .409 SLG %. His were not great but his OBP was high. The Sox could use another guy to get on base.

For the Red Sox there is always the option of Orlando Cabrera who played with the Minnesota Twins this season.

Cabrera: BA .284, HR 9, RBI 77, OBP .316, .389 SLG %. Similar numbers but they are bothe decent guys that the Red Sox could go after this off-season.