The Cowboys Personal Thanksgiving Superbowl...

Steve DuranContributor INovember 26, 2009

Year after year the Cowboys host their own private Superbowl on Thanksgiving day.  Jerry Jones has parlayed this advantage into professional sports most valuable franchise. 

My question is why do the other 31 owners standby and let Jerry Jones reap huge profits year after year?  

It is certainly not tradition, the Lions started playing on Thanksgiving day against the Bears in 1934.  So if tradition is the argument, then the Bears should have the honor, privilege and advantage of hosting a single game that is worth about half a season in revenue and advertising to most teams.

The parady that was is gone, now we have super franchises that split the lions share of the revenue pie and consequently the Super Bowl title.

Now more than ever before it must be acknowledged the enormous advantage the media provides in attracting star caliber players. Therefore a strict rotation of this Holiday Superbowl must be developed. 

With 32 teams rotating the privilage of participating in this Holiday game, every team would enjoy both the revenue and marketing benefits, but most importantly, the American Public wouldn't be bored to tears.

Lastly, it is an embarrassment for the NFL, but they couldn't rule against Jerry Jones on or off the field, as demonstrated by his low hanging score board.

The word in Dallas is every Punter is warned against hitting the scoreboard during a game.