2010 Yankees Starting Rotation (1st Draft)

Dominick ScarfoglieroContributor INovember 26, 2009
  1. CC Sabathia
  2. John Lackey
  3. A.J. Burnett
  4. Andy Pettitte
  5. Chen-Ming Wong
With the rotation like this, it would give the Yankees a lot of options with Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. They would be able to stick both of them in the pen, or maybe send one of them in a trade package. Whatever they do it would give the Yankees a lot of flexibility, something they have not had in a while. Mariano Rivera is getting old, and so is Pettitte. Eventually these guys are going to retire and the Yankees are going to need guys to refill those empty spaces (aka Joba or Hughes). This is what I think, now I would love to hear what you think.