Worried About Sheets

Michael GanciCorrespondent INovember 23, 2009
Ben Sheets has always been loaded with talent. (PHOTO BY ICON SMI)

Ben Sheets has always been loaded with talent. (PHOTO BY ICON SMI)


Today, after getting out from yet another riveting shift at Best Buy, I heard an interesting little tidbit on the 20/20 update that WFAN provides. Apparently, the Mets have informed Ben Sheets that they are interested in his services, but I get worried at the mention of his name.

Injuries. They have surrounded him recently, and the Mets are all to familiar with those kinds of injuries. With people’s jobs on the line, are they really sure that he is ready to go? I have no doubt that he still has the talent, but what would the Mets have to give up to get such a deal done? Personally, I think he will still be able to bait a team into giving him a multi-year contract. The talent is just too tempting. Whoever takes the jump will have him pitching in their rotation in 2009.

His 86-83 record in eight seasons really doesn’t do him justice. Most of the time he was playing on a Milwaukee team that was just downright atrocious. He still managed to post a 3.72 ERA during those eight seasons which separates him from the pack already.

What worries me is that Sheets has only hit the 200 inning plateau three times in his professional career, and he hasn’t done so since 2004.

The talent is still there, but is it going to be worth it for the Mets to take the risk? Only time will tell. What do you think?