The Top 10 Things To Do Until the Daytona 500

Michael MerrillContributor INovember 25, 2009

Well we have 80 days till the Daytona 500 so that poses the problem what to do? i have the answers


1. Forget about Johnson's 4th you cant chance the outcome

2. Listen to free bird while watching the 2006 Talledaga race... cause we all need to remember when JR. won something.

3. Learn how to back flip... cause if you did not notice THERE WERE NONE THIS YEAR.

4. Find out when the last time Michael Waltrip went to victory lane (other than when Reutimann won)

5. Yell boogidy boogidy boogidy in line at your local wal-mart

6. Climb out through your car window... you will confuse your neighbors

7. Try to figure out who won the last championship besides Jimmie Johnson

8. Qualify for government grants.

9. Buy a bigger TV cause that will be the only way that Johnson will look good winning a 5th

10. Throw a party for the Great American Race... one bigger than your Superbowl party