My Take On Harrison Barnes: The Truth

Garrett TuckerCorrespondent INovember 25, 2009

Most of you are used to me dissecting college players that are going into the NBA, but for this, I have decided to go from High School player to NCAAB. Harrison Barnes is a great guy to pick apart. So, let me know what you think about it. I hope you all enjoy!

 Harrison Barnes- who is he? An athlete, a student (very smart), or a basketball player (#1 player in the ESPN 100)? I think he could qualify for all of the above. Barnes, a Ames high School (Iowa) standout has a lot of good traits about him. Maybe that is why he is considered to be the best Senior in the 2010 class? It's a possibility. But really- what is this kid like and who can we compare him to? Well, I'm about to try and give you all that information.

 I've researched a lot on him and I've gotten multiple things on him, especially for weight and height. So, with that being said, I'm going to use my better sources. I have Barnes listed at 6'6 and 190. I've seen 6'8 and around the 210 weight range though. This is the first thing that concerns me with Harrison: the dispute of his size. At 190 pounds and Barnes going to be primarily a 3 man, he is under my weight range. If he wants to have a good college career and move onto the NBA, he'll need to gain some weight and probably strengthen up as well. However, I do like the fact that he has a long wingspan. It will help the kid a good bit in the long run.

 It's rare to see a high school kid that has such an all around game. There aren't many flukes to Barnes's game. He possesses some very nice attributes. He's a pretty consistent 3-point shooter (which is improving steadily by the way), as well as being very good at being under control when driving the basketball. He has proved he isn't afraid of contact, which is a huge plus for him, and he has shown he can finish around the basket. All of these are great correct? However, I don't see them as the best. What pops out at me is his mid-range game. Some people are asking themselves, "What in the world is a mid-range game???" You hardly see many guys that tend to use their mid-range shooting; Barnes is an exception. I believe it's the best thing he has to offer as of right now, but that could change in time. Like I said, his long-range shooting is improving. I also like that he is capable of rebounding. It's hard for guys to understand at his age what boxing out and rebounding really means to a team's offense and defense. On offense, he will hit the boards every time for you. I'd love to have this guy play on my team!

I see Barnes playing college basketball for a year probably. Two isn't out of the question though. I believe he'd be better off doing that, but North Carolina is in a reloading stage as they look to keep adding young players. People like him as a Top 5 pick eventually, but I don't like that. A lottery pick definitely, but he'll have to prove he's worthy of a Top 5 position.

 Its kind of difficult to put a good comparison on this guy because of how well he is all around, but I think this works. Body wise, he reminds me of Golden State's Anthony Randolph. Long and lanky, with a long wingspan sums it up perfectly. He's probably the best comparison, but another that may surprise some people would be Carmelo Anthony. Game wise that is. Add some pounds to Barnes and we'd be close to the same guy. They both have the ability to score easily, so I think that's what lead me to compare the two.

 Well thats my take on Harrison Barnes. Roy Williams has him a great kid coming into UNC next year. This may lead to a domino effect for other kids as well.