Brock Lesnar's Hype: 60 Percent Bullcrap

Chris IodiceContributor INovember 25, 2009

Most people know by now that Brock Lesnar had a intestinal surgery recently.  The exact problem was a perforated intestine that was causing problems with his immune system.  The latest report said that he was recovering but is not yet 100 percent. 

I hope that Brock Lesnar does pull through and returns to the octagon in a timely fashion.  I hope this happens because I'm ready to see Shane Carwin shock a lot of people by taking Lesnar's title.

Dana White is quoted saying, "He's at 60-percent of his potential? What's going to happen when he comes back? How much faster can you beat people? Hopefully we can get through this."

Part of Dana White's job is to hype fights and promote images.  What I find funny is the fact that Brock Lesnar wins fights based on his size. 

Does it really matter if he was only at 60 percent?  I doubt Lesnar is going to come out from all of this and suddenly become an expert at muay thai.  The only thing positive about his stand up is the amount of weight behind his punch.

His stand up will still be just as bad as it was before.  He will still resort to taking someone down and smothering them into submission.

I have also heard different people say that Shane Carwin may not deserve a shot at the title.  I do not see how that is.  Lesnar mocked Carwin by saying he wouldn't want the 11-0 record Carwin has since he has not fought anyone worth while.

Well Brock I'm sure Carwin is sorry that he had to take the hard route to a title shot and earn it.  I can't believe that Lesnar cannot just admit that he was given the title shot because he was already famous.

I think Carwin does deserve a shot at Lesnar and I also believe that a lot of people would like to see it happen soon.  What does Carwin do from here?  He's been training and preparing for this fight and now hes not sure when or even if it will happen.

To sum everything up I hope that Lesnar does recover quickly and continues to have good health throughout his life.  I also hope that Carwin gets to fight Lesnar and take the title from him by way of knockout. 

But for people to sit here and say that Brock Lesnar has only been fighting at 60 percent of his potential is a rediculous statement.