College FB Power Rankings: BCS Title Game Scenarios

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst IOctober 19, 2007

Icon Sports MediaRay Rice and the Scarlet Knights upset USF Thursday night at home, which will cause a major shakeup in the next round of college football rankings.

Here are my quick thoughts:

USF has to drop out of the top 10. Losing to an unranked team, even on the road, tends to make you lose credibility in the eyes of the rest of the country.

BC moves up to No. 2, even though they're still untested.

Ohio State is the undisputed BCS No. 1—but the way the season has gone thus far, there could be a new top team by Sunday.

For the Buckeyes to move up in my power rankings, they need some quality wins.

New Power Rankings

1. Oklahoma (6-1)

2. LSU (6-1)

3. Oregon (5-1)

4. Boston College (7-0)

5. Ohio State (7-0)

6. Kentucky (6-1)

7. South Carolina (6-1)

8. West Virginia (5-1)

9. Virginia Tech (6-1)

10. Florida (4-2)

The rationale here goes something like this:

I don't see BC beating VA Tech, nor do I see Ohio State winning all their remaining games.

Inevitably, I see Oklahoma and LSU playing for their respective conference titles, with Oregon waiting in the wings at 10-1.

If LSU loses to Kentucky or South Carolina in Atlanta, it will be Oklahoma and the winner of the SEC title game for the championship. If Tennessee runs the table and knocks off LSU, Oregon will play Oklahoma for the title. 

Here's a quick breakdown of the plausible scenarios:

Icon Sports MediaBCS Title Game Scenario #1

Ohio State vs. Boston College

Both teams win out, and LSU loses once more for good measure.

BC faces a major test as soon as next Thursday—and considering what we saw tonight, BC may be an underdog on the road.

If they beat Virginia Tech, the Eagles will prove their worth as the No. 2 team in the nation, and set themselves up nicely for a shot at the BCS title game. 

BCS Title Game Scenario #2

Ohio State vs. Oklahoma

BC loses one of their remaining games, and LSU falls somewhere in the SEC. OU wins the Big XII, and Ohio State runs the table.

BCS Title Game Scenario #3

Ohio State vs. Oregon 

Oregon wins convincingly against USC and Oregon State, and Ohio State wins out. OU and LSU both fall, either in the regular season or in their respective conference championship games.

IconBCS Title Game Scenario #4

Boston College vs. LSU

Ohio State loses to Michigan, while LSU wins the SEC title and BC finishes undefeated. OU comes in a close third, but LSU's SOS wins out.

BCS Title Game Scenario #5

Oklahoma vs. Oregon

Ohio State falls in the Big 10, LSU falls in the SEC, and Boston College loses as early as this Thursday. The next best teams would be OU and Oregon.

The SEC East winner (if either Kentucky or South Carolina) would be in a tight race for No. 2 with Oregon.

BCS Title Game Scenario #6

Kentucky vs. Ohio State

This is an interesting proposition—but if UK wins the SEC East, this formerly comedic thought becomes a reality.

Icon Sports MediaBCS Title Game Scenario #7

LSU vs. Oregon

I like this as a sleeper pick because LSU can win the SEC, Oregon can win out, and I see losses in the future for BC, Ohio State, and OU (Missouri exacts revenge in the Big XII title game).

BCS Title Game Scenario #8

South Carolina vs. Ohio State

This would be a mighty interesting game, but Spurrier and his bunch have to win at Tennessee, beat LSU in Atlanta, and hope BC loses along the way. If Kentucky slips up, the stars may align for South Carolina.

BCS Title Game Scenario #9

Boston College vs. Oregon

Although this one is down the list, don't be surprised if it happens. OU needs to lose again, with Ohio State and LSU both falling as well.

While you might not have the sexiest game, you'd pit two of the best senior QBs in the nation against each other.

If Dixon or Ryan wins the Heisman, this game could prove to be a personal proving ground for the slighted signal-caller.

BCS Title Game Scenario #10

LSU vs. Oklahoma

This one is simple: Ohio State and BC lose, while LSU and OU win their conference championships. The BCS puts together two great one-loss teams, while Oregon is left on the outside looking in.